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TRINACRIA NOIRE 500g / BLACK truffle flakes 17,63oz

BLACK TRINACRIA 500g (in 5x100g). 17,63 oz (5 boxes of 3,52oz)

INTENSE truffle flakes with Sicilian salt.

TRINACRIA NOIRE is intense but more discreet than the white one and is delicate. It works well with eggs, low heat sauces, meats and as a dusting with the addition of oil / butter. We do not recommend cooking it for more than 5 minutes. Its scent is that of the earth and the forest (keeps for 1 month after opening).

To sprinkle cold or hot (5mn in a fat over low heat)

Without additives, coloring or preservatives, gluten or lactose. VEGAN


Ingredients: truffle, rice, sunflower, nuts, dried fruits, flavor, natural flavor, spices, salt.

Worldwide delivery for free with MOQ* 300€ order (+/- 1kg of product for 5kg packing)

Worldwide delivery (between 8€ to 40€ for 2,5kg packing) on demand for less than 300€ order.

160.00 €