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TRINACRIA 7 scent of 15g / 7 jar of 0,52oz

TRINACRIA range truffle flakes in 7 jars of 0,52oz:


TRINACRIA BLANCHE has an intense and stable fragrance with and without cooking (over low heat or maximum 150 ° C in a paste). It works with all foods. The characteristic of the white truffle is the slight taste of garlic. Its fragrance of white truffle is powerful (can be kept for 2 months after opening).

TRINACRIA MER is a mixture of white truffle and citrus fruits. Its truffle is a base note without taking precedence over fish or other seafood that you decorate (can be kept 1 month after opening).

TRINACRIA VEGETABLES / POTAGE is a mixture of white truffle in base note and green spices marrying with soups, liquid preparations or ingredients which lack greenery. Its fragrance is chlorophyllous (can be kept for 1 month after opening).

TRINACRIA NOIRE is intense but more discreet than the white one and is delicate. It works well with eggs, low heat sauces, meats and as a dusting with the addition of oil / butter. We do not recommend cooking it for more than 5 minutes. Its scent is that of the earth and the forest (keeps for 1 month after opening).

TRINACRIA MEAT enhances your meats with black truffle and spices that make you hungry. Its fragrance is carnivorous (can be kept for 1 month after opening).

TRINACRIA CHEESE with black truffle sprinkle on fresh, raw or cooked cheeses. Its fragrance is fruity because it contains red fruits (can be kept for 1 month after opening).

TRINACRIA DESSERT is a mixture of black truffle and vanilla-tonka spices with almonds that goes well with creams, chocolate, bread dough, brioches (max 150 ° C). Its fragrance is almond-vanilla (can be kept for 1 month after opening).

To sprinkle cold or hot (5 minutes in a fat over low heat) and follow the recommendations for use on the page of the online store.

Without additives, coloring or preservatives, gluten or lactose.



Ingredients: truffle, rice, sunflower, nuts, dried fruits, natural flavor, aroma, spices, salt.

40.00 €