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TRINACRIA BLANCHE 500g / WHITE truffle flakes 17.63oz

WHITE TRINACRIA 500g (5 boxes of 100g) / 17,63oz (5boxes of 3,52oz)

INTENSE truffle flakes with Sicilian salt (plastic jar)

TRINACRIA BLANCHE has an intense and stable fragrance with and without cooking (over low heat or maximum 150 ° C in a paste). It works with all foods. The characteristic of the white truffle is the slight taste of garlic. Its fragrance of white truffle is powerful (can be kept for 2 months after opening).

We recommend TRINACRIA BLANCHE to professionals because it is the most popular and practical product in the range.

To sprinkle cold or hot (5mn in a fat over low heat)

Origin of Truffles, Italy and Sicilian Salt.

Without additives, coloring or preservatives, gluten or lactose. VEGAN


Ingredients: Truffle, rice, sunflower, nuts, dried fruit, flavor, natural flavor, spices, salt.

Worldwide delivery for free with MOQ*  300€ order (+/- 1kg of product for 5kg packing)

Worldwide delivery (between 8€ to 40€ for 2,5kg packing) on demand for less than 300€ order.

150.00 €