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Cooking recommendations with truffles


What you need to know about the truffle before cooking it

_The truffle is an underground mushroom of the tuberose family with aromas that are both volatile and powerful. Just put your nose on a fresh truffle to realize that its taste is clearly erased in the mouth because a truffle is 99% ... of the fragrance_

The truffle is prepared by respecting and highlighting its precious olfaction, otherwise the dish will be disappointing compared to the original smell of your truffle. Moreover, if the truffle is not ripe, expired (7 days if fresh, 4 days canned) or if the composition of the product contains only too little truffle in its ingredients, you will therefore be very disappointed.


TRINACRIA revolutionizes the use of truffles in the kitchen because it keeps after opening and sprinkles minute ... but the fact remains that the truffle does not agree with all foods. If the truffle adorns many dishes, its delicate fragrance could for example be attenuated in contact with a synergy of more than 3 ingredients, one of which would have a too pronounced taste ...

Just like fresh or canned truffles, TRINACRIA is cooked and sprinkled with caution without creating a conflict of flavors and / or antagonistic scents to preserve and thus enhance its aromas.

Here, your intuition and your subjectivity will make the difference and this blog offers truffle recipes whose chemistry is sure to work.

TRINACRIA is also used as a table condiment in the same way as salt and pepper to decorate the plates according to the taste of each. It can also replace salt for people with intolerance.

Uses & particularities of the TRINACRIA range

  • TRINACRIA contains peanuts and other nuts
  • For optimal flavor, TRINACRIA can be stored for 1 to 2 months after opening.
  • Do not store TRINACRIA in the refrigerator because the cold anesthetizes the scent of the truffle, but in a dry place at room temperature.
  • Add salt and / or sugar as usual as TRINACRIA is not very salty.
  • For pasta, meat in sauce, heat TRINACRIA over low heat with oil / butter + milk / cream, it works better than with oil / butter alone.
  • On cheeses, butter, ricotta, whipped cream, simply sprinkle and the flakes will bind to the fat already present after 1 or 2 mn.
  • On raw Meats or Vegetables, incorporate the flakes and let infuse for 5 minutes.
  • On raw shellfish, oysters or in ceviche, sprinkle and let infuse (with or without fat) a few minutes before serving.
  • For cold use, on Mozzarella, salad, or even lukewarm such as asparagus, leeks etc., do not hesitate to "sprinkle" the truffle flakes with oil and let infuse for 5 minutes before consuming.
  • In order to exhale TRINACRIA hot, it should be incorporated into a liquid and / or a fat (which is not as fragrant as olive oil) by heating them over low heat for 2 or 3 minutes only and leave to infuse for 5 minutes off the heat. This will allow the flakes to puff up and thus spread the aroma even more.
  • BLACK TRINACRIA, MEAT, CHEESE and DESSERT can only be cooked over low heat in fat and / or liquid, but not more than 2 to 4 minutes. You can also sprinkle and incorporate directly into the sauce or food in the last 3 minutes of cooking (soup, rizotto, crème brûlée ...) and let infuse. For mashed potatoes, dairy products, creams, salad ..., just let them infuse-incorporate themselves into their host with an oil 5 minutes before serving.
  • WHITE TRINACRIA, SEA and VEGETABLES can withstand the heat of the oven provided they are incorporated into a dough for bread, quiche, cake etc. which will protect the aromas and above all not to exceed 150 ° C, even if this means extending the cooking time. Otherwise is cooked between 2 to 4 minutes over low heat in a fat and / or liquid.
  • Liquids and all non-dry foods are sufficient by incorporation to "rehydrate" the truffle flakes and thus diffuse their aroma in a few minutes.
  • The fat is the support of the Truffle which allows its better distribution. We prefer an oil with a neutral taste (sunflower, rapeseed ...)to avoid conflicts of flavors.  Best fat is milk, (cow, almond, rice...), butter, fresh cream .
  • The recommended dose is at least one rounded teaspoon of TRINACRIA per plate (for one person).