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What to know about the truffle

_The truffle is an underground fungus from the tuberaceae family with both volatile and powerful aromas. You just have to put your nose on a fresh truffle to realize that its taste is erased in the mouth because a truffle is 99% ... perfume_

The truffle is prepared by respecting and highlighting its precious olfaction, otherwise the dish will be disappointing compared to the original smell of your truffle. Moreover, if the truffle is not ripe, expired (7 days if fresh, 4 days if canned) or if the composition of the product contains too little truffle, you will be disappointed...


TRINACRIA is revolutionizing the use of truffles in cooking because they keep after opening and sprinkle on minute ... but the fact remains that truffles do not go well with all foods. If the truffle adorns many dishes, its delicate fragrance could for example be attenuated in contact with a synergy of more than 3 ingredients, one of which would have a too pronounced taste ...

Just like fresh or canned truffles, TRINACRIA is cooked and sprinkled with caution without creating a conflict of flavors and / or antagonistic scents to preserve and thus enhance its aromas.

Here, your intuition and your subjectivity will make the difference and this blog offers truffle recipes whose chemistry is sure to work.

TRINACRIA is also used as a table condiment just like salt and pepper to decorate the plates according to the taste of each one. It can also replace salt for people with intolerance.

Uses & particularities of the TRINACRIA range

The recommended dose is a minimum of one teaspoon of TRINACRIA per plate.

Add the salt as usual as TRINACRIA is not very salty.

  • TRINACRIA WHITE has an intense and stable fragrance with and without cooking (over low heat or maximum 150 ° C in a paste or into cream on last Minute oven for Pizza). It works with all foods. The characteristic of the white truffle is the slight taste of garlic. Its fragrance of white truffle is powerful (can be kept for 2 months after opening).
  • TRINACRIA SEA is a mixture of white truffle and citrus fruits. Its truffle is a base note without taking precedence over fish or other seafood that you decorate (can be kept 1 month after opening).
  • TRINACRIA GREEN / VEGETABLES  is a mixture of white truffle in base note and green spices marrying with soups, liquid preparations or ingredients that lack greenery. Its fragrance is chlorophyllous (can be kept for 1 month after opening).
  • TRINACRIA BLACK is intense but more discreet than the white one and is delicate. It works well with eggs, low heat sauces, meats and as a dusting with the addition of oil / butter. We do not recommend cooking it for more than 5 minutes. Its scent is that of the earth and the forest (keeps for 1 month after opening).
  • TRINACRIA MEAT enhances your meats with black truffle and spices that make you hungry. Its fragrance is carnivorous (can be kept for 1 month after opening).
  • TRINACRIA CHEESE with black truffle sprinkle on fresh, raw or cooked cheeses. Its fragrance is fruity because it contains red fruits (can be kept for 1 month after opening).
  • TRINACRIA DESSERT is a mixture of black truffle and vanilla-tonka spices with almonds which goes well with creams, chocolate, bread doughs, brioches (max 150 ° C). It needs not more than 1 teaspoon on a 6persons cake, cream, icecreams... Its fragrance is almond-vanilla (can be kept for 1,5 month after opening).