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From Truffle to parfums

How to cook and prepare truffle plates

from fresh truffle to TRINACRIA  truffle flakes

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Like the perfume-creating noses, TRINACRIA reinvents the use of the truffle for the greatest pleasure of amateurs and this, in the rules of the art
In the light of this new discovery, TRINACRIA invites you to cook with ease ... by following the link to tasty recipes

If TRINACRIA revolutionizes the use of truffles in the kitchen, the fact remains that the truffle (fresh, canned, flaked etc.) does not harmonize with all dishes. With the wrong choice of ingredient, its delicate fragrance and volatile aromas can sometimes even diminish or even disappear! That's why this blog offers truffle recipes whose chemistry is sure to work.

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TRINACRIA range truffle flakes

If the truffle is becoming more popular than before, it remains mysterious because its rarity means that few of us really know how to cook it. In addition, a truffle can only be kept for one week (and can be kept for 4 days after opening). The truffle does not have a strong taste, but it is 99% a smell, a perfume.

TRINACRIA has found the perfect alchemy thanks to a clever mix of ingredients that reveal the truffle in its most natural setting, with 20% truffle. TRINACRIA flakes can be stored for 1 to 2 months after opening and can be sprinkled or simply added to food.

The dose, the quality of the ingredients without the addition of additives or preservatives is the result of a unique alchemy that makes TRINACRIA truffle flakes an original and innovative product that lands on the table just like salt and pepper.

If TRINACRIA is revolutionizing the use of truffles in cooking, the fact remains that truffles (fresh, canned, flaked, etc.) do not mix with all the ingredients. Its delicate fragrance can fade or even cancel out depending on the chemistry of the ingredients. That's why this blog offers truffle recipes whose chemistry is sure to work.

Beware of most truffle-derived products (oils, salts, sauces, etc.) which can only be kept for 3 days after opening, which have only between 0.1 and 5% truffle and most of the time mixed with other mushrooms, trumpets and the like.

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