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About TRINACRIA truffle flakes...
and how it all started

TRINACRIA loves art, nature and simple things like ... truffles!

"Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are!"

TRINACRIA is definitely healthy and delicious to taste ...

Handcrafted and created for the love of the truffle.

It started in love at first sight ... to end in addiction... with truffle

A habit that has turned into a hobby and a flavor into a passion, The TRUFFLE

Originally, it was the fancy of a great-uncle from Montélimar who cooked truffles in all kinds of ways. He picked them in season to dry them later in order to keep them all year round. 10 years later, the rediscovery of the truffle in Paris makes me addicted to it. The emotions of my childhood in Drôme reconnect with the terroirs during my travels in Italy. So naturally, TRINACRIA was born in a kitchen in the middle of the Marais in Paris during the summer of 2019.


TRINACRIA Flocons de Truffe is a new condiment with natural truffle to sprinkle on the spot and keep after opening.

From natural and healthy ingredients (truffle and Italian salt), TRINACRIA reveals aromas of white and black truffles with 20% dry truffles in its composition (tuber aestivum and melanosporum). Truffle condiments are usually composed of only 0.1 to 5% truffle and here, TRINACRIA and its truffle reincorporated into food is therefore equivalent to 50% fresh truffles.

As a condiment, TRINACRIA is used to enhance, enhance all your dishes, salads, vegetables, pasta, meats, sauces, purees, cheeses or even anything you dream of creating with this new ingredient *.

TRINACRIA Blanche blends well in bread doughs, brioches, cannelés etc. if cooking in the oven does not exceed 150 ° C (even if it means extending the cooking time).

By simply sprinkling it on plates or by cooking it for 5 minutes over low heat with butter, oil, milk or cream, TRINACRIA is your final chef's touch.
TRINACRIA is proud to have obtained the A Nutriscore (best mark for a healthy food product).

For optimal flavor, TRINACRIA can be stored for 1 to 2 months after opening, closing carefully after use and keeping in a dry place protected from light.
Ingredients: on request

* Like fresh or canned truffles, TRINACRIA is cooked carefully to enhance its aromas (without creating conflicting flavors and / or antagonistic fragrances)